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November 2, 2018: EVPP Leadership Update (from President Kaler)

Dear Colleagues,

I am pleased to share that Provost Karen Hanson and I have mutually identified a new arrangement that will allow her to remain as executive vice president and provost (EVPP), and step down when the new president hires a new chief academic officer.

This arrangement will allow Provost Hanson to step away from the EVPP position January to March 2019 for a leave that will accommodate personal and family considerations referenced in her August message. She will return full time to the EVPP position April 1, 2019.

September 18, 2018: Next Steps in Child Care Planning for the TC Campus

Dear Faculty, Staff, and Students:

Last spring, in collaboration with faculty governance, we convened a Twin Cities campus-wide advisory committee to examine cost-effective options for the provision of child care for faculty, staff, and students. This discussion was initially spurred by academic and capital planning that would have resulted in closure of the Child Development Center, a plan that was put on hold while we looked more closely at child care issues for the campus.

Support the U Day

On Tuesday, April 10, 2018, students from across the University of Minnesota will take part in “Support the U Day,” an annual, student-led advocacy event at the state capitol. This event is a chance for students to reflect on the value of their University education and to share their experiences with elected officials. The day includes a rally and afternoon meetings with legislators.

March 13, 2018: Exploring Child Care Options for the Campus Community

Dear Faculty and Staff,

President Kaler recently announced the launch of a collaborative process to develop childcare options for the campus community. We have postponed the closing of the Child Development Center to allow time for a productive process of deliberation and decision-making and for attention to issues of continuity for children and for staff.

September 21, 2017: Promoting Academic Integrity in the Classroom

Dear Colleagues,

As the fall semester gets underway, I’m writing to remind you of resources available to help you promote and protect academic integrity in your classrooms. Any instance of academic dishonesty is, of course, disheartening to faculty. We’re all aware of the importance of academic integrity to the soundness of our enterprise—to research and teaching—as well as to the reliability of our institutional credentializing.

August 8, 2017: Change in the 2018-2019 calendar: number of instructional days

Dear Colleagues,

I write to give you advance notice of an upcoming change to the number of instructional days in the academic calendar. Beginning in 2018-19, the spring term will change from having 74 instructional days to having 70 instructional days. From spring 2019 forward, fall and spring semesters will have the same number of instructional days, which will also allow room for an additional study day for students in the spring term.