August 8, 2017: Change in the 2018-2019 calendar: number of instructional days

Dear Colleagues,

I write to give you advance notice of an upcoming change to the number of instructional days in the academic calendar. Beginning in 2018-19, the spring term will change from having 74 instructional days to having 70 instructional days. From spring 2019 forward, fall and spring semesters will have the same number of instructional days, which will also allow room for an additional study day for students in the spring term.

Below are specific dates for the spring 2019 term; full academic calendars for 2018-22 can be viewed on the University Senate page.

Spring 2019

January 21 (Monday) MLK holiday
January 22 (Tuesday) Classes begin
March 18-22 (Monday through Friday) Spring break
May 6 (Monday) Last day of instruction
May 7, 8, and 12 (Tuesday, Wednesday, and Sunday) Study days
May 9-11 and 13-15 (Thurs.-Sat. and Mon.-Wed.) Final examinations
May 15 (Wednesday) End of term

Please note that spring term will continue to start on the Tuesday after the MLK holiday, the second half of the term will still begin the Monday after spring break, and there will be no finals on the Sunday of finals week.

Because some classes may have one to two fewer meeting dates (depending on meeting pattern), syllabi may need to be adjusted. Please communicate these changes to instructors within your departments so that they are able to prepare accordingly.

Thank you,
Karen Hanson
Executive Vice President and Provost

Email sent August 8, 2017 to all directors of undergraduate and graduate studies on the Rochester and Twin Cities campuses.