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Provost's Child Care Planning for the Twin Cities Campus

Two initiatives are under way related to child care on the Twin Cities campus. They are the result of steps announced by the University in fall 2018 following review of recommendations of the Provost's Child Care Advisory Committee (PCCAC), which was jointly convened by the executive vice president and provost and University governance leaders in spring 2018. (View committee report.)

A message from the president and provost in September 2018 outlined steps aligned with the recommended guiding values and goals:

  • Unification of the Shirley G. Moore Lab School (SMLS) and the Child Development Center (CDC) into a single, academically rooted program within the College of Education and Human Development (CEHD). The unified, research-based program will accommodate all children currently served by CEHD's existing Lab School, part of the top-ranked developmental psychology program in the country, and the CDC, a model childcare program serving the campus community for over 30 years. A program integration planning process is under way as part of CEHD collegiate academic planning. Concurrently, University Services is working with CEHD on strategic expansion of the current CDC building in order to serve the unified program. This process is on track as of January 2020, with the unified program set to begin operation in the updated building in September 2021. Information and FAQs about this college-led process can be found on the CEHD program unification website: unifiedprogram.umn.edu.
  • Phase-in of new child care capacity on or near campus, through an RFP process to identify potential additional child care options through collaborations with external providers. An RFP process led by University Services aims to identify external providers to operate up to two new child care sites, one on the East Bank and one on the West Bank. This process is nearing conclusion as of January 2020, with the University engaged in discussions with potential providers to determine that they will meet the needs and expectations of the campus, aligned with the guiding values recommended by the PCCAC.  More news is anticipated during early 2020.

A further advisory committee on campus child care is expected to be convened at the conclusion of the RFP process to provide further input on issues and options related to the child care needs of the campus community. This committee likely will include some members from the 2018 advisory committee, along with representatives from governance, union representatives, faculty and staff with salient perspectives and expertise, and student representatives. This committee will be convened following the conclusion of the RFP process as it may identify changes to the campus childcare landscapeThe charge and additional info will be posted on this site when the committee is convened.

News and Updates

Report of Provost's Child Care Advisory Committee

PDF iconView or download the report of the Provost's Child Care Advisory Committee for the TC campus (Aug. 2018)


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