March 13, 2018: Exploring Child Care Options for the Campus Community

Dear Faculty and Staff,

President Kaler recently announced the launch of a collaborative process to develop childcare options for the campus community. We have postponed the closing of the Child Development Center to allow time for a productive process of deliberation and decision-making and for attention to issues of continuity for children and for staff.

In collaboration with governance leaders, I have convened a campus-wide advisory committee that will work with University Services and academic administration to engage in thoughtful consideration of our options. The members of this 19-member committee are drawn primarily from the pool of people who, in response to my earlier call for volunteers, expressed interest in joining this working group, together with individuals suggested by FCC chair Joe Konstan and other governance leaders. This committee includes multiple CDC parents and two center staff members and will be co-chaired by FCC leaders Dan Feeney (Professor of Veterinary Clinical Sciences and chair of the Senate Committee on Finance and Planning) and Amy Pittenger (Associate Professor, Pharmaceutical Care & Health Systems). My sincere thanks to Dan and Amy for agreeing to co-chair this committee.

My charge to the committee aligns with guiding principles outlined in President Kaler’s recent email. A copy of the charge, and the full roster of committee members, may be viewed on the newly established website for the Provost’s Child Care Advisory Committee. The website includes a comment form, and I invite you to share thoughts and perspectives you think might be helpful to the campus child care conversation. Please also watch for announcements of one or more campus forums that will be arranged by my office during spring semester.

This campus discussion has been sparked by strong campus engagement. Thanks to all of you for that.

Karen Hanson
Executive Vice President and Provost