MTest Update

Dear Colleagues,

Yesterday we announced the MTest protocols for testing students, faculty, and staff on the Twin Cities campus. Some have expressed concern that while testing for students would be at Boynton Health Services, faculty and staff who have not selected Boynton as their primary care provider would be excluded from utilizing their services.

We care about your safety and health. We want to assure you that:

  • First, testing for COVID-19 is best accomplished in conjunction with the provider you see the most. Your primary care physician knows your history, any underlying issues that would be of concern, and can provide accurate and responsive guidance based on their knowledge of you and your health.
  • Second, if you are on campus and feel ill, you can be tested at Boynton. We will ensure that you receive a test, absent any temporary issue that would preclude tests for all individuals.
  • Third, if you are on campus, feel ill, and receive a test at Boynton, we encourage you to return home and self-isolate while you await your test results. This will minimize potential COVID-19 transmission to others.

We are offering testing at Boynton and we will serve all University of Minnesota students, faculty, and staff. That said, we strongly encourage individuals who have a relationship with a primary care provider or facility to use them instead, particularly if it is near their home.

I hope this clarifies our MTest protocols. Please feel free to reach out if I can provide any additional information or clarification.

Sincerely yours,

Rachel T.A. Croson
Executive Vice President and Provost

email was sent to all Twin Cities campus faculty and staff on July 31, 2020