Task Force on Disability Accommodations in the Learning Environment

In Fall 2019, The Disabilities Issues Committee of the University Senate passed a resolution recommending the implementation of professional development on accommodated instruction, testing, and best practices for supporting students with disabilities for University faculty, instructors, and student services staff systemwide. The resolution was supported by the University Senate and Faculty Senate in November 2019, with a recommendation that the Executive Vice President and Provost charge a task force to examine best practices for training in this area, including the consideration of required professional development for faculty and instructors.

In Fall 2020 Provost Rachel Croson convened this task force, asking the group to engage faculty and instructors to develop recommendations for professional development and best practices in implementing accommodations in the learning environment. These recommendations will be delivered to the Senate Disabilities Committee, Faculty Senate, and Executive Vice President and Provost for further consideration by the end of the 2020-2021 academic year.

Task Force Membership

  • Ben Munson (Task Force Chair), Senate Disabilities Committee Chair; Professor, College of Liberal Arts-UMN Twin Cities
  • Donna Johnson (Task Force Co-Chair), Director, Disability Resource Center-UMN Twin Cities
  • Tammy Berberi, Associate Professor, Humanities Division-UMN Morris
  • Phil Buhlmann, FCC Chair, Professor, College of Science & Engineering-UMN Twin Cities
  • Annie Counihan, University Senate Representative, Undergraduate Student-UMN Duluth
  • Brian Follette, Education Program Specialist, Disability Resource Center-UMN Crookston
  • Jennifer Goodnough, Associate Professor, Science & Math Division-UMN Morris
  • Tabitha Grier-Reed, Professor, College of Education & Human Development-UMN Twin Cities 
  • David Johnson, Director-Institute on Community Integration, Professor, College of Education & Human Development-UMN Twin Cities
  • Michael Kyba, Professor, Medical School-UMN Twin Cities
  • Ryan Machtmes, University Senate Representative, Graduate Student, College of Education & Human Development-UMN Twin Cities
  • Steve Matthews, Associate Professor, College of Liberal Arts-UMN Duluth
  • Molly Ubbesen, Assistant Professor, UMN Rochester
  • Sue Wick, Professor Emerita, College of Biological Sciences-UMN Twin Cities
  • Ilene Alexander, Education Program Specialist, Center for Educational Innovation
  • Khaled Musa, Academic Technologist, Office of Instructional Technology
  • Erin Slattengren (Senior Staff), Assistant to the Provost