Program Review FAQs

Who bears the cost for program reviews?

The Provost's Office will make central funds available to support 50% of the direct cost of reviews. Programs under review or their respective colleges are expected to match these funds. Provost Office staff will work with a program to develop a budget for the review and arrange for transfer of funds to cover 50%.

Which expenses are eligible for the cost share?

  • External reviewer travel expenses: airfare or other transportation expense, lodging, meals
  • External reviewer honoraria
  • Site visit meeting expenses: food and beverage service; room rental fees if needed

Do you have sample review itineraries or other planning resources?

Yes! These will be provided to the program at the outset of the review planning process. For copies of these documents, contact Erin Slattengren, Assistant to the Provost, at [email protected].

Our program holds specialized accreditation. Will we also need to have a program review conducted?

Specialized accreditation focuses on disciplinary standards, not the University's broader priorities and quality standards, and therefore is not a substitute for academic program review. However, reviews of programs that are specially accredited will be timed to limit the administrative burden and designed to leverage the work done as part of an accreditation review, and may vary depending on the particular nature of a given specialized accreditation process and schedule.

For example, one program may find it valuable to conduct a program review in advance of an accreditation visit, so that potential problems could be identified and remedied before the accreditation visit. Another program may find that their particular accreditation requirements overlap with much of the program review process, and would prefer to hold an incremental and focused program review--with or without additional external reviewer involvement--shortly after the accreditation. Many programs with specialized accreditation use program review in conjunction with strategic planning efforts.