University Performance and Accountability Report

Since the University of Minnesota's inception, citizens, the state legislature, the federal government, the Board of Regents, alumni, students, parents, employers, and many others have held the University accountable for fulfilling its fundamental land-grant mission of teaching, research, and outreach.

Over the years, the ways in which the University has demonstrated its accountability and its progress in meeting mission-related goals have been many—legislative reports and testimony, financial reports, accreditation reviews, and collegiate and unit annual reports to their constituencies. The University Performance and Accountability Report is the principal annual documentation of that accountability.

Postsecondary Planning: A Joint Report to the Minnesota Legislature

Joint Task Force on Student Mental Health

The Provost's Joint Task Force has developed recommendations to help instructors, units, and University leaders address student mental health needs as they arise in academic settings. The following documents report their findings (each link redirects to PDFs available on the Student Mental Health website):

Academic Technology Recommendations

Task Force on Undergraduate Advising