Quality Initiative

HLC’s Open Pathway review process requires an institution to designate one major improvement effort to undertake between years 5 and 9 of the 10-year review cycle. This initiative allows the University to pursue an effort that is targeted toward it's priorities and aspirations. 

Addressing student mental health through course design and other factors in the learning environment is the focus of our current Quality Initiative. Collegiate and department leaders will engage faculty and instructors to build awareness and increase use of research and policy-based practices in order to create the conditions for a supportive learning environment that prioritizes student mental health.

Transforming Learning Environments in Support of Student Mental Health Executive Summary

Transforming Learning Environments Implementation Activities:

  1. Develop and implement an all-faculty/instructor required baseline online training module focused on accommodation basics and Universal Design for Learning: 

       Fundamentals of Disability Accommodations and Inclusive Course Design

  1. Promote awareness and use of Inclusive Course Design Resources and Practices to Support Student Mental Health and Well-Being