Twin Cities & Rochester Campus Accreditation

The University of Minnesota-Twin Cities follows the Higher Learning Commission’s Open Pathway accreditation process. The Open Pathway follows a ten-year comprehensive review cycle and is focused on quality assurance and institutional improvement, ensuring that institutions meet HLC’s Criteria for Accreditation. The ten-year cycle includes:

Regular Monitoring: An annual Institutional Update to ensure compliance with federal requirements. 

Year 4: An Assurance Review to ensure HLC’s Criteria for Accreditation and Core Components are still being met.

Years 5-9: A Quality Initiative project identified by the institution.

Year 10: Comprehensive Evaluation for Reaffirmation involving both a written "assurance argument" and a campus visit.

The University of Minnesota-Twin Cities’ last comprehensive review and reaffirmation took place in October of 2015 and the next one is scheduled for 2025-26. The Rochester campus, founded in 2006, was reviewed along with the Twin Cities campus during the reaffirmation of accreditation, a process overseen by the Higher Learning Commission (HLC). 

Visit the Higher Learning Commission website for an overview of the accreditation process