Academic Policy Public Review

Appointments as DGS

Summary of Proposed Changes

  • Policy Statement revised.  No significant changes.
    • No new information; rather, existing information is reconfigured into 
      • Policy Statement in alignment with the U’s best practices for policy statements;
      • policy section highlighting eligibility criteria; 
      • policy section highlighting selection requirements; and
      • delegation of authority statement moved to the Responsibilities section.
  • Reason for Policy statement revised.  No significant changes.
  • Forms/Instructions section revised. No significant changes.
    • Edits more accurately reflect existing practice, which includes focus on why a tenured/tenured track faculty member cannot be identified for DGS service.
  • Appendices revised.  No significant changes.
    • DGS Handbook -- URLs updated as needed; punctuation.
    • Typical Roles/Responsibilities -- punctuation.
  • FAQ section revised. 2nd revision reflects feedback from the Equity Lens Policy Review Committee.
    • Added FAQ regarding DGS requirement for post-baccalaureate certificates.  Not new information; included to reflect existing policy and practice.
    • Added FAQ regarding opportunities for individuals involved with the DGS selection process, and for those who serve as DGS to gain insight on how to manage implicit bias.  
  • Responsibilities section.  Revised based on feedback from the Equity Lens Policy Review Committee.
    • Revisions include highlighting the need for transparency of eligibility and selection criteria, and management of implicit bias.
Policy Contact Name
Karen Starry
Policy Contact Email
Due Date for Feedback