Academic Policy Public Review

Course Numbering

Summary of Proposed Changes

Policy Statement

  • Added language to document that academic credit appears on the transcript and must have academic content.
  • Added language to codify existing practice that academic courses should not be offered for zero credits
  • Added language from current Grading & Transcript policy that students must be registered in order to receive course credit; this policy provides a more logical “home” for this provision.
  • Added a definition for cross-listed courses to codify existing practice.
  • Minor changes regarding course numbering provisions were made to be consistent with graduate policy and move text to the policy appendix.

Reason for the Policy

  • Clarified that the policy is needed for both Minnesota Law and Higher Learning Commission Requirements.

View and download proposed policy changes (PDF)
View and download initial proposed appendix changes (PDF)
View and download proposed appendix changes, revised in response to feedback (PDF)

Policy Contact Name
Stacey Tidball
Policy Contact Email