Academic Policy Public Review

Eligibility to Serve on Graduate Examination Committees

Summary of Proposed Changes

  • Policy name--proposed revision. Propose a change to Graduate Advisor and Examination Committee Membership: Eligibility Requirements to increase visibility of this important role.
  • Policy language edited. Revisions limited to edits for clarity, including addition of explanation of eligibility to co-advise that reflects current practice.
  • Forms/instructions section reviewed. No revisions.
  • Procedures section edited. Included the Person of Interest (POI) Records & Graduate Examining Committees procedure, previously omitted in error.
  • Appendices section edited. Included Graduate Education Faculty Role List link
  • FAQ edited. Revisions limited to edits for clarity.
  • Definitions section edited. Definition of academic staff added.
  • Responsibilities section reviewed. No revisions.
  • Related Information section edits. Typo corrected.

View and download proposed policy changes (PDF)

View and download proposed FAQ changes (PDF)

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Karen Starry
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