Academic Policy Public Review

Post-Bac Certificates

Summary of Proposed Changes

  • Revised policy statement to reflect current policy intent.
  • Under Program Requirements heading:
    • Added language for maximum number of course credits for post-baccalaureate certificate (in alignment with master's and doctoral requirements).
    • Articulated existing practice of certificates not having minors or concentrations (not in current policy).
  • Created a new section of the policy titled "Requirements Upon Matriculation" that articulates current practice and aligns with master’s and doctoral student matriculation requirements. Moved matriculation-related text in current policy to this section.
  • Created a new section of the policy titled "Performance Standards."
    • Moved GPA and grade requirements to this section of the policy.
    • Added language to articulate existing practice related to annual review of the certificate program. Aligns with practice for master’s and doctoral degree programs.
    • Moved current language about continuous enrollment, degree plans, and minimum grade requirements under this section of the policy. 
    • Added a subsection on the Application of Credits to align with existing practice. 
    • Revisited language about graduate course credits being applied to master’s or doctoral degrees. 
    • Added language under subsection titled Time Limit for Earning the Post-baccalaureate Certificate to articulate current practice related to extensions and readmission to the program following dismissal. 
    • Added minimum two-thirds of course credits to be taken A/F grade basis to articulate current practice. Aligns with practice for master’s and doctoral degree programs.
  • Under the Forms/Instructions heading:
    • Added link to a “Request for Time Extension” form
  • Under the Appendices heading:
    • Added related policy links for reference.
  • Under the Frequently Asked Questions heading:
    • Updates to the FAQ’s once the policy revisions are approved.
  • Under the Responsibilities heading:
    • Articulated current practice for collegiate units, departments/programs, and students. Aligns with requirements for master's and doctoral degree expectations. 
  • Under the Related Information heading:
    • Add links to related University master’s/doctoral degree policies.
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Erin Slattengren
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