Academic Policy Public Review

Readmission and Changes to Master's or Doctoral Degree Objectives

Summary of Proposed Changes

  • Edits to clarify and simplify policy language.
  • Clarified that exceptions are rare and that those programs with exceptions should maintain records of that approved exception rather than codify it in policy.
  • Moved key language from appendix and procedure to policy; deleted appendix, procedure, and FAQ because guidance for students is duplicated on Graduate School admissions webpages.

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Policy Contact Name
Dean Tsantir
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Policy Feedback

Hi, I have a few comments about the revisions to this policy:

1) In Part II it says that students must "apply through the central Graduate Admissions Office." Similarly, in Part III, it says that students "do not apply through the Graduate Admissions Office." In most other places (i.e., Admission for Master's and Doctoral Degrees), reference is made to the "central graduate admissions application system." For the sake of consistency, should "central graduate admissions application system" be used in these two places, as well?

2) In reading this policy revision and the Admission policy revision, it seems that students will now be required to use slate to apply for readmission - is that right? There is no mention of a shorter process for express readmission, other than the link to the form, only that programs have the discretion to require a full application

3) Under Part III, it says that students wanting to add a master's on the way to a PhD "do not apply through the Graduate Admissions Office." I think it would be helpful here to indicate what they should do. Also, should there be mention of what students who want to drop from a PhD to a master's should do?

4) Under the policy statement it says that programs have the "discretion to require a full admissions application" for a new or additional degree objective, but under Part II it says that students who wish to change to a different program or add a concurrent program "must apply" through the Grad Admissions Office. Is "new or additional degree objective" the same as "change to a different degree program, or add a concurrent degree program," as implied by the heading?