Academic Calendar Task Force

As requested in a September 20, 2021 memo from President Gabel, Task Force members specifically considered:

  • the overlap between important University dates and religious/cultural observances like Rosh Hashanah, Ramadan, Juneteenth, and other significant holidays; 
  • prior requests for the addition of a fall break and no classes on Election Day;
  • the feasibility of coordinating the academic calendars across all five campuses; and 
  • in consultation with the Office of Human Resources, the impact of academic calendar changes on employee holidays.

The recommendations of the Task Force are currently being reviewed by faculty governance.

Academic Calendar Task Force Report & Recommendations

Task Force Membership

  • Stacey Tidball, Task Force Chair, Associate Vice Provost for Academic Support Resources
  • Amber Bathke, Senior Senate Associate
  • Haku Bo, Graduate student representative
  • Tom Chase, Chair, Senate Committee on Educational Policy
  • Norm Clark, Senior Director of Academic Affairs, Rochester campus
  • Anthony Kern, Interim Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs, Crookston campus
  • Heather Kidd, Payroll Services Director
  • Brianna Menning, Assistant to the President
  • Peh Ng, Interim Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs & Dean, Morris campus
  • Natan Paradise, Director, Center for Jewish Studies
  • Susana Pelayo-Woodward, Assistant to the Chancellor for Inclusive Excellence, Duluth campus
  • Lucas Simpson, Student Senate Consultative Committee and Senate Committee on Educational Policy
  • Virajita Singh, Associate Vice Provost, Office for Equity and Diversity
  • Marlo Welshons, Assistant to the Provost