The use of AI in your classes

Dear Twin Cities students,

Discussions about the use (and potential abuse) of artificial intelligence platforms like ChatGPT have been dominating headlines. Our entire university community is learning to adapt to this new terrain, and it can sometimes be hard to know what is or is not acceptable use.

The permissibility of artificial intelligence tools will vary from course to course depending on the specific learning and assessment goals of the instructor. You may have already heard from your instructor(s) about their policy in their classes, in their assignments and on their finals. If you have not received clarification from an instructor, and if you are thinking about using ChatGPT or another AI tool for any course assignment, I encourage you to communicate with your instructor to make sure you understand what is permitted.

Remember that, per the Student Conduct Code, unauthorized use of online learning support and testing platforms is considered a breach of academic integrity and is subject to the same set of sanctions that would result from other forms of scholastic dishonesty.

I wish you all the best of luck as you finish out the school year, and hope to see many of you at our Commencement ceremonies in a few weeks!

Sincerely yours,

Rachel T.A. Croson
Executive Vice President and Provost

message sent to Twin Cities students on April 27, 2023.